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Canon Perkins


  • The links in the table below (A1/2/3/4 and B1/2) represent different sizes of video files. As you probably know, the larger the file, the longer the download time, but the better the resolution (sharpness). Scroll down BELOW the table below to see relative sizes of the different videos offered.
  • On a WINDODWS computer:
    • Do a RIGHT-CLICK and SAVE AS to download.
    • Or, you can LEFT-CLICK and WATCH the video, but BE AWARE OF ONE THING: The links in the table are NOT STREAMING LINKS, i.e., the entire file will transfer to your computer before it starts showing. (That's why you might rather DOWNLOAD the file to have it on your own computer for watching later.)
    • If you want to start watching IMMEDIATELY, you need to access a STREAMING link, which is much lower resolution than the links below, such as THIS ONE.
  • MAC users -- Sorry, but I have no idea what you would do, but I'll bet YOU know what to do!
  • iPad users: We found out that iPad "streams" automatically, i.e., you can click one of the links below and start viewing the video BEFORE the file completely downloads to your device. (This is pretty cool.)
  • iPhone users: Haven't tested, but I suspect your iPhone will act like the iPad we tested, i.e., nice, quick viewing.
  • iPhone/iPad users: Try a LONG PRESS to pop up a menu which will actually let you save the file to your device. (Not tested.)
  • Android users: You can pretty much do all the above, as YOU know! Just try something; it will probably work.

5/26/2013 Late Breaking News!! -- We were finally able to obtain (YES, you GUESSED it!) a version of Canon's talk with the audio DIRECT FROM THE PA system! So, the audio for THIS LINK is a Zillion (or at least TEN) times better than all the other links. The resolution is good too (360p). So take a listen now. (FYI, it's about 25 megabytes. It's from further away than the other videos (seems to have been taken from the balcony), but as noted priorly, the audio is MUCH the best of them all. CLICK HERE to listen.

The links in the table below point to are "larger" and closer versions of the video -- but they use the audio that was bouncing around in the auditorium instead of a direct feed like the DIRECT AUDIO LINK version. So use the one that works best for YOU!

(Click on the link
in this column.)
in megabytes
A1 -- iPod Landscape36320x240
B1 -- 720p Vertical57720p
A2 -- iPhone/Android63480x320
B2 -- 1080p Vertical861080p
A3 -- iPad Landscape1491280x720
A4 -- 720p Widescreen565720p

BELOW are the relative SCREEN sizes of the A1/2/3/4, B1/2 versions above (just keep scrolling DOWN):