Brynlee Babysitting Adventures

OK, I'm probably making this more complicated than it is, but here is what is going on --

There are THREE movie formats for EACH movie: a MOV formatted movie, a WMV formatted movie, and an MP4 movie.

This is because there are so many browsers and movie-viewing programs out there I though I'd give you a choice of which movie style works best for YOU!

Nothing happens if you click on the picture!! This is by design. To play a movie (or download it) you must click on the NUMBER in either the MOV, WMV, or MP4 columns.

The NUMBER is the size of the movie file in MEGAbytes.

If the MOV format is rotated 90 degrees in your viewer, try the WMV instead. If the MOV and WMV formats just take too long to load, try the smaller MP4 version of the movie. ONE of them should work for YOU! Some of the movie viewers work like YouTube, and start displaying the movie before it downloads; others insist on downloading the Whole Thing before it will start playing the movie. Some of this depends on how YOU have YOUR computer set up.
Let me know if you experience any problems!

Description FRAME MOV WMV MP4
IMG_0110 -- Day One Bedtime29177
IMG_0111 -- Dry One737418
IMG_0112 -- Meal One434511
IMG_0113 -- Meal One Happy Feet464711
IMG_0114 -- Meal One Still Happy646716
IMG_0115 -- Book Time13411333
IMG_0116 -- Play Time872
IMG_0117 -- Dog Watching Time676317
IMG_0118 -- Dog Watching Time #2767219
IMG_0119 -- Dog Riding Time25256
IMG_0120 -- Meal Two433511
IMG_0121 -- Shoulder Riding798220
IMG_0122 -- Closet Raiding857221
IMG_0123 -- Swinging646516
IMG_0124 -- Hello Tree221
IMG_0125 -- Hello Grass11912129
IMG_0126 -- Hello Leaf888922
IMG_0127 -- Dinosaur Riding12123
IMG_0128 -- Exploring565714
IMG_0129 -- Tunneling14144
IMG_0130 -- Playscaping565714