Morrow Family Pictures

You can find the Picture Menu below, underneath all this bothersome text containing Instructions, Notes, etc. But, in case you need to read some of these directions, here they are...

NOTE -- Most of these pictures have been formatted to display on the web. This means that resolution has been drastically lowered from the original photograph. You can certainly print some of these pictures, but if you want the full-resolution photograph, which will print much better than the web version, I'd be glad to email it to you.

INSTRUCTIONS (Oh my goodness; do we need instructions? Maybe. You be the judge!)
In several of these picture pages you will see a screen full of "thumbnails," which have nothing to do with fingers and thumbs but are rather small representations of pictures. To see the full-size picture, just left-click the small thumbnail picture. Once you are viewing the full-size picture, you can click "previous photo" or "next photo" to go backward or forward through the pictures, or (on some pages) you may click the word "Thumbnails" at the bottom of the full-size picture to return you immediately to the screen with all the thumbnails on it.

That should be sufficient instruction. If you have any problems with these pages, please let me know!

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