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Short Extracts (Smallish Files)
MP3 Audio File Link Duration
61 Degree Frozen Man 3:42
'A' Church of Christ vs. 'THE' Church of Christ 3:55
Agony of Defeat 2:23Transcript
All About Souls
Thirty Years at Tulsa
Asceticism 2:58
Atheist Debate
100 People
Attractional or Missional? 4:03
Baby Dedication (after DNC!) 9:40
Baptism Flavor1:20Transcript
Baptism with Suitcase
Grace Is Free... but not Cheap
Bill Gates -- Graduation 3:13 Transcript
One Body, Many Members
One Body
Your Eternal Purpose
One Body
The Russian Deacon
One Body
Not From This Pulpit
Broccoli Brothers 11:17 Transcript
Can We Celebrate Christmas? 7:48 Transcript
Candlestick Remover 4:39
Can't Stop for Passengers! 1:08
Can't Wait Until The Morning 7:43 Transcript
Children Money
Why Insurance?
Church is WHO, not WHERE 2:21
Church Takes a STAND 0:27
Confederate Money 2:18
Confess You Are a Mess 2:08
Convert People to Church… or to Christ? 4:42
Courage to Dress Children
and Pick Them Up
3:25 Transcript
Courage to Send a Daughter1:03Transcript
Daughter Baptized by Murderers 8:14
David's Dance -- 1 4:36
David's Dance -- Micalepsy 1:37
Death Angels 1:37 Transcript
Decently and in Order 2:53
Did God Intend Animals to be Eaten?
One-Issue Christians
Died in the Pulpit 2:59
Different Appetites 1:12
Do You Come From A Mess? 3:17
Does the Peace of Christ Guide You? 2:21
Don't Cry? 1:43
Don't Plant Churches 4:49
Don't Pray! 5:07
Down Baby 3:56
Easter and Two Joneses 6:25
Elder Struggles: Thinkers and Feelers 8:17
Elders MUST Be Leaders 3:01
Elijah Ran 4:21
Faith and Courage 3:39
Father Finds Gun, Redeems Son 4:01
Fill the Church with Hypocrisy (?) 2:23
Find A Perfect Church 0:50
Follow ONE WHO Came Back 4:15
Forces of Darkness Make War 6:50
Front Pew
Confession and Caring
Generosity or Theology? 3:15
George and the Orphan’s Diamond0:51Transcript
Go Buy Dirt
The Treasure Principle
Go Home and CHANGE! 1:23
God and the Professor’s Foot2:35 Transcript
God In A Box1:52
God Suffers When the Things He Values Are LOST! 7:42
God’s Plan, not Ours2:50Transcript
Golf Conversion 3:01
Growing Churches Have Shepherd Elders 5:37
Hair Washing Song 3:09
Hard to Go to Hell 2:24
Hawaii Birthday Party 1 10:39
Hawaii Birthday Party 2 10:25
Hawaii Birthday Party 3 5:22
He Won't FIT in a BOX! 1:52
Heart Problems -- Doctrinal Perfection 3:37
HELL: You Do Not Have To Go! 2:19
Here to Learn -- or Critique? 1:21
His Baptism Doesn't Count (What?) 2:59
Hold On! (The Titan) 2:25 Transcript
Holy Spirit Attracts Attention 2:41
Home Court Advantage 5:16 Transcript
Homosexuals and Refugees 4:58
Honesty and
Dub McKnight's Pizza
How Far Can YOU Step?1:09 Transcript
How Much Do You Have in THAT Direction? 1:16
I Don't Like It 4:29
If Christians Would Just Unite!
Hymn by Barton W. Stone
If I Could Have Seen the Shore 1:34
Insiders : Outsiders 6:10
IT'S A WAR! 3:00
Jena and the Abilene Cowboys 2:40
Jesus Is Not Safe! 4:42
Jesus Said More About [blank] than [blank] 1:28Transcript
Jesus Was Too Dangerous 2:27Transcript
Jill: Castle or Cottage?1:45
Johnny Carson & Billy Graham 1:23 Transcript
Junior High Shepherd 1:57
Just Let People Be Christians 3:42
Larry Nelson and the Old Rugged Cross2:53
Las Vegas Church 2:51
Last Class in The Church Series 11:49
Leave Your Beard At Home! 0:48
Leave, Preacher! 2:24
Legalism 3:37
Let Me Tell You Something About Churches of Christ 3:58
Little Girl on Airplane 4:34
Lizz Curtis Higgs 6:19
Lost Epistle of Diotrephes the Second
Church Music
Man Dies With Head In Chair 2:07
Marcia Burnham: Kidnapped! 6:42
Marriage 1 -- Do You Believe In Easter? 1:12
Mary... NOT Contrary
Mass Manger Murders 5:25
Matters of Love 2:37 Transcript
Missional Models in Real Life 2:29
MUST We Live? 4:56
Mr. Rogers 1:49
No Stopping For Passengers! 1:08
No Traditions Here! 2:59
Not Fair... But Good 5:00
Pastoral Church 3:10
Poor Man Circus Ticket 3:24
POW Flag3:02
Powerful Things Happen at Tables 2:33
Prayer Saves Hitchhiker 3:35
Preacher and Coal of Fire 3:17
Preached That Church Down to 4! 4:10
Preacher Falls and Moves Away 1:51
Preaching? Or Acting? 0:47
Pre-Death Experience 1:23
Prodigal Son (a different version) 4:10
Product of a Resurrected Marriage 3:43
Public Giving? or Private? 4:29
Quaker Prayer for Boy 3:04
Raise Your Child To Go 2:18
Reasons to Kill2:39
Repent of Watching… and of Not Watching 1:14
Restoration Fellowship Does Not Believe 6:14
Restored? Or Still Restoring?
Where Are We Now? 2005
Rich Inheritance in the Saints 4:20
Role Play
Dads Do Stupid Stuff
Sam Houston 0:39 Transcript
Schaller and Lincoln Comments 3:58
Shattered Window -- Your Life? 3:46
SHOUT! 2:16
Sister Nicks and False Doctrine 3:30
Sister Nicks Identifies Bible as False Doctrine 0:49
Small Groups -- America Is A Suburban Nation 0:20
Small Groups -- America Is Lonely 3:43
Small Groups -- Back to The Dream! 1:39
Small Groups -- Example #1 3:15
Small Groups -- Examples #2 and #3 1:27
Small Groups -- Transition 1:21
Spiritual Bullies 2:39
Still Restoring 0:30
Stop Talking! 4:32
Subway Kids Mom Died 2:35
Taking Advantage of God 1:33
Teachable Spirit 4:04
The Community is Most Troubled by… what? 1:18
The Gap We've Got To Bridge
Church Occurs At A Certain Time
The Lord's Supper
Public or Private?
The Lord's Supper
Public or Private?
Where Are We Now? 2005
The ONE MORE THING Ministry 3:29
The Whisper Test
The Day That Changed My Life
Theology of Children's Ministry 12:41
Thinkers and Feelers 6:05
Thomas Aquinas / Silver and Gold 0:54
Toast to a Beautiful Girl
Live for the Line, Not for the Dot!
Tulsa 2007 folder
Ultimate Reality 2:01
What's Killing the Church? 5:49
Who Is YOUR Lord? 5:02
Whom Do You Throw Darts At? 8:23
Will Andrew Jackson Repent?1:37 Transcript
Will the Shout be -- ENOUGH? 2:05
Woman's Purpose:
Don't Hijack My Sermon!
Woman's Purpose:
Thick Skin When?
Woman's Purpose:
Blond or Brunette?
Woman's Purpose:
Single Ladies
Woman's Purpose:
Super Wife
You Can Be Thankful 3:08

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