Born -- August 25, 1931
Died -- February 27, 2015
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Roland G. Bradfute of New Braunfels, TX, formerly of Beeville, TX, was carried away to Glory Friday morning, February 27, 2015, at the age of 83 years.

Roland is survived by his wife of 61 years, Cynthia Ann (Perkins) Bradfute, along with their children:
  • Glenda Morrow and husband, Mark;
  • Roland Jr. and wife, Sherri;
  • Judy Black and husband, Jackie;
  • Eugene and wife, Rhonda;
  • Michelle Williams, and husband, Michael.
sixteen grandchildren:
  • Chandra Morrow Perkins and husband, Drew;
  • Melanie Morrow Partlow and husband, Paul;
  • Ryan Morrow and wife, Elana;
  • Bradley Morrow and wife, Taryn;
  • Danley Morrow and wife, Krista;
  • Adrianne Bradfute Rector and husband, Matt;
  • Amy Crofts and husband, Steve;
  • Brenda Stoll;
  • Jackie Don, Jaci, and Jillian Black;
  • Ecce and Katelyn Bradfute;
  • Matthew, Madison and Marcus Williams;
and blessed with 23 great-grandchildren.

Roland is also survived by his brothers, Duward Bradfute and wife Terry, and Byron Bradfute and wife, Kay.

Roland was born in Olmos, TX, August 25, 1931 to Ecce and Velma (Coker) Bradfute. He was preceded in death by his parents; sister, Vivian Irene; brothers, E.H., James Warner, and Allen Eugene; and granddaughter, Amberly Perkins.

He spent most of his life in South Texas before moving to New Braunfels 22 years ago. Roland joined the Air Force and was stationed at Chinhae Air Base during the Korean War. After the war, Roland served as a police officer in Beeville before going to work at Trunkline Gas Co. from which he retired in 1988. After retirement, he joined his brothers and nephew, Cameron Bradfute, at Bradzoil, 10 Minute Oil Change. Roland's life can best be described as one of service. Whether in careers or daily life, all was in service of his Lord. He served as an elder in the Church of Christ in both Beeville and New Braunfels. Roland's life is not defined by accomplishments or details of careers but by the overflow of the love and forgiveness he received from his Lord and Savior. Granddaughter Chandra Perkins captures these thoughts and sentiments in the following poem she wrote for her PaPa:
He spoke ill of no man; 
But was a miner of the best in people

He didn't wear fancy clothes; 
But carried jokes to spare in his pocket 

He didn't drive an impressive car; 
But he always went the extra mile

He didn't demand an audience; 
But we all flocked to his open arms, his smile, his laughter 

He didn't need to be right; 
He needed you to feel loved

He didn't spout his wisdom; 
But honored the thoughts of others

He didn't pick up the stones of judgment; 
He embraced sinners

He didn't hold a high position; 
He was a fisherman, a peacekeeper, a fixer, a poet

He didn't have a lot of money; 
His treasures weren't stored here

He accepted no glory for himself; 
He humbled himself, for the sake of Christ

He didn't seek company with the rich or important; 
But with the Lord, his family, and the least of these

He didn't strive to lead a movement; 
He worked to feed sheep

He turned his back on no one; 
But kept his arms open and lights on

He didn't preach condemnation; 
He lived forgiveness, mercy, and grace

He didn't draw lines; 
He built bridges

He may not be famous; 
But his influence will stretch from generation to generation

And we didn't lose him; 
I know exactly where he is